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The power to translate is now inside Atlassian Confluence!

Make your Confluence Website content truly Multilingual

Lingotek's cloud-based translation and localization platform gives you the power to build a consistent, up-to-date, multilingual website.



Lingotek offers cloud-based website localization solutions that simplify the process of creating and maintaining your Atlassian Confluence global websites. Our Lingotek - Inside Atlassian Confluence plugin features solutions that ease the manual burden of launching in new markets while improving language consistency, cutting costs, and enabling you to deliver your brand to consumers abroad in the quickest and most effective way possible.

What is Confluence?

Confluence is a collaborative wiki - especially for software companies - that teams use to collaborate on internal projects. It is also used to create customer-facing documentation (knowledgebases).

Confluence Strengths

Easy to learn, easy to publish, adds professional polish, configurable. 

What can our connector do? 

Lingotek’s Confluence connector automates many steps of the translation process for the spaces and pages of your choice. Recreate multilingual versions of spaces, pages, and articles in a central translation management system. Create automatic translation workflows, projects, and assignments.

Key Benefits

  • Rebuild multilingual knowledge base articles quickly and painlessly
  • Save overhead and support costs with customer-facing, self-service documentation
  • Build client confidence with quick, accurate solutions - in their native language
  • Professionally translate an entire space - or just key pages within a space.
  • Leverage/reuse translations from other connected systems.
  • Automate translation preferences for the languages and spaces of your choice.

Key Features

  • All-in-One Translation & Publication Solution
    • Confluence documentation translated on demand
    • Rapid translations in a secure environment
    • Real-time translation status and reports
    • Version support between iterations
    • Translated vocabulary tailored to your content
    • 100+ languages
  • Enable translation for the space(s) of your choice.
    • Choose just the pages needing translation for each target language.
  • Track completed translations - by page and language.
  • Automatically track new content, and send for retranslation.
  • Keep translations organized into Lingotek projects.
    • Choose resources (glossaries, workflows, and translation memories) for each project.
  • Access translator workbench directly from confluence.
  • Preview translations - in context - before publishing.
  • Manually (or automatically) publish completed translations.
  • Add custom filter configurations.
  • Rebuild a space (and selected pages) in the language(s) of your choice.
  • Send just updated content for retranslation.

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More About the Integration

AppFusions is the creator of the Lingotek - Inside Atlassian Confuence plugin and exclusive installation partner.

*Compatible with Confluence 5 and up.

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See How It Works

The Massive Benefits of Cloud-Based Translation Management System

Language is social. It connects people and ideas. But what happens when it stops connecting, slows down, and goes offline? What happens when your global audience is left in the dark because your translations are stuck in someone’s inbox? With the Translation Network, Lingotek makes your content accessible to your customers globally. By connecting your company with our technology and translators, we connect your ideas with the world. Lingotek makes going global possible.

Here are some of the massive benefits:

    • Continuous cloud updates:
      • Lingotek’s expert team of engineers knows your translation needs are constantly evolving. Our monthly update cycle pushes industry-leading tech to your fingertips to help you effectively manage every translation project--saving time and reducing budgets.    
    • Translation Memory:
      • With Lingotek’s Translation Network, translation memory is automatically stored in the cloud and can be immediately leveraged by other translators. Real-time translation memory leads to increased brand and messaging consistency all while lowering translation costs and increasing translator throughput.
    • Automatic notifications:
      • Our global network of translators and your in-country translators and reviewers are immediately notified when your projects become available for translation or review. This optimizes the entire workflow process and saves valuable time.
    • In-context review:
      • Translations are automatically merged back into your enterprise application to allow the content to be reviewed in context.  
    • Realtime monitoring:
      • In the dark about your translations? With Lingotek’s Translation Network you get automated, up-to-the-minute snapshots on the progress of your translations. Your team can monitor translation progress on a project, language, and document, giving project managers the tools to increase on-time delivery.
    • Around-the-clock translation:
      • With a vast network of translators working with our powerful technology, there are no downtimes or black holes where projects go to die. Thanks to our industry-leading technology, Lingotek is able to continuously publish your dynamic content exactly when it’s ready. Language never sleeps. Neither should your translations.
    • Messaging re(de)fined:
      • Our global community of translators and intelligent technology clarify and customize your content to its intended audience for maximum impact.      
    • Culture centric:
      • Behaviors, beliefs, and values are constantly evolving. To stay relevant, your content needs to keep up. We rely on a massive network of qualified, professional and neighborhood translators to keep your message appropriate and effective at the speed of life.  
    • Functional:
      • Is your messaging—and as a result your brand—lost in translation? Our global community of translators work with you in real time,  in-context so your content can keep pace with your global customers.  
    • Global network of translators:
      • Lingotek’s Translation Network connects you to over 5,000+ certified translators and subject-matter experts across a number of industries.
    • Industry-leading tech (connectors/workbench):
      • Lingotek’s translation workbench gives your translation team the latest in technology advances from access to multiple translation memory vaults, to several machine translation options along with glossaries and terminology management. You have all of your resources at your fingertips.
    • Connect to any content source:
      • Lingotek Inside connectors bring the power of Lingotek’s Translation Network to your content’s native environment. Our powerful technology streamlines and automates the translation process, allowing you to trash FTPs, spreadsheets and translator emails forever and bring your translation process into the 21st century.
    • Content storage:
      • Lingotek stores all your translated content so it can be reused and recycled across your different enterprise applications. This sharing of content across the enterprise allows you to update all your content in real time, leveraging your linguistic assets to increase quality and messaging consistency while driving down costs.
    • Automatic QA:
      • Lingotek’s automated quality checks provide
      • Dynamic style guides:
      • ​Translator testing and throughput:
    • Controlled:
      • Brand and content control: Is the power of your brand messaging getting lost in translation? Take control by leveraging linguistics assets, glossaries and style guides. By automatically enforcing the use of keywords, phrases, and sentences, your global content will stay true to your brand.
      • SEO/SEM: Google knows no borders nor does Adwords. Control your messaging and keep your distinctive SEO value whether you’re in California or Croatia.
      • Multiple workflow profiles: Our dynamic platform gives you the flexibility to create multiple workflow profiles for each project. Want to use your market/regional manager instead of a professional translator? Done. Want just our technology to translate your own content? Check. Want to manage specific content types and languages? Great. It’s all up to you with our collaborative translation platform.
    • Route data at scale and in real time
    • Increase automation and reduce deployment:
      • 37% reduction in project time; 55% faster in actual translation; 60% reduction in last-minute changes
    • Integrate translations with content source for real-time, collaborative translation stream


About Lingotek

Lingotek's Translation Network is the only cloud-based solution to connect all your global content in one place, giving you the power to manage your brand worldwide. Our industry-leading technology pairs with the best enterprise applications to continuously push dynamic multilingual content to all of your global markets. Lingotek is based in Lehi, Utah, known as Silicon Slopes, and is funded by Signal Peak Ventures and In-Q-Tel.

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