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The Benefits of Centralizing and Single Sourcing Your Language Services


Large global companies that have several departments--legal, regulatory, packaging and labeling--all with different content translation needs, often end up with each department using their own language services provider (LSP). Enterprises with high content volume and tight turnarounds often use multiple LSPs to ensure timely delivery of their multilingual content. For localization and globalization managers, managing all of these LSPs is very time-consuming and financially inefficient. Spending precious time chasing down vendors for quotes and status updates makes it difficult to optimize supplier management, achieve economies of scale, or leverage your buying power. The solution? Centralize translation to a single source provider--Lingotek!

The Lingotek Centralization Solution

Lingotek offers a better, easier way. We eliminate the need to wrangle several different LSPs through consolidation and enterprise-wide translation management capability. Our Translation Network is the only cloud-based solution that combines an industry-leading TMS, connectors, and tech-enabled language services to centralize translation management within a single platform. Our combination of state-of-the-art tools and services provides greater efficiency, visibility, and quality throughout the entire localization journey.

Eliminate expensive silos for greater efficiency

Increase integration & automation
Lingotek’s cloud-based translation management system (TMS) easily creates continuous, integrated translation in real time. To further increase integration and automation, Lingotek’s Connectors and open API can be configured to automatically round trip translation inside your existing enterprise systems: CMS, CRM, marketing automation platform, knowledge bases, and more. Lingotek’s cloud platform and next-generation technology continuously delivers multilingual content and scalability to meet that need for more content, storage, and translation management.

Leverage linguistic assets
Lingotek stores all of your translated content, so it can be reused and recycled across different enterprise applications. This centralized sharing of content lets us leverage your linguistic assets to increase quality and messaging consistency, while also driving down costs.

Streamline project management
The Lingotek Translation Network gives project managers all the tools they need to centralize global translation projects and teams. With customizable workflows, convenient task assignment, and real-time monitoring, project managers can see the status of every translation project, every day. Automatic triggers and email notices help keep projects moving so there is no downtime. Our powerful rules engine brings AI-like capabilities to the workflow to optimize translation project management and save valuable time.

Optimize translation spend

  • Lingotek’s cloud-based platform helps you save with process improvement and creating lean management that can deliver higher quality faster, and at a lower cost.
  • Lingotek can provide discounts based on Language Services volume.
  • Customized and automated workflows lead to reduced inefficiency that can result in delays.
  • Reducing the hours needed to manage translation results in lower overhead compared to the manual processes required in traditional processes.

Dashboards, data & intelligence provide greater visibility

Lingotek centralizes dashboards, data, and intelligence for greater visibility of critical data points. Lingotek’s Multilingual Business Intelligence app provides intelligence and metrics around translated content, performance, cost savings, and terminology, to inform strategic decisions on the allocation of time, money, and resources.

  • The Intelligence app dashboards provide visibility that can identify trouble spots and projects that are falling behind schedule.
  • Lets managers look for bottlenecks and redistribute resources as necessary to ensure that translators are making progress and meeting expected deadlines.
  • Gives project managers valuable information to demonstrate the ROI and cost savings incurred with the efficient re-use of TM assets and TM leverage by match quality so you can evaluate cost savings.

Centralization ensures higher quality throughout the entire localization journey

With a decentralized translation process, errors from multiple processes increase due to a lack of core translation management, procedure, and policy. By using a centralized process, you’ll have the ability to leverage Lingotek TMS and translation memories to implement and manage better quality standards across the entire localization journey.

  • Automated spelling and grammar checks and linguistic quality assurance inside Lingotek’s Workbench provide powerful tools for improving overall translation quality.
  • 100+ quality assurance checks inside the translation workbench.
  • Based on industry standards, Lingotek’s linguistic quality evaluation (LQE) and scoring programs allows customization of the core components needed to create a best-in-class quality program.

Want to learn more about the benefits of centralizing translation and single sourcing your language services? Contact us by phone, email, or online. Call US: +1(801)331-7777 or outside the US +44 (0)1628 421525, send an email to or go to our website:

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