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“Lingotek acts as a "traffic cop" to direct each product wiki to specific translation vendors to execute translation memory, machine translation and post-editing if so desired (vendors chosen by CA Technologies).”

James Turcotte
SVP of Information Services
CA Technologies


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About CA Technologies

CA Technologies delivers software and solutions across the complete service lifecycle—from pre-production portfolio planning and service modeling, to service assembly, automation, quality assurance and production management—with solutions that work across its customers’ choice of platforms, technologies and vendors. CA Technologies is headquartered in Islandia, NY. For more information, please visit the company’s website at


CA Technologies has more than 300 information developers and localization specialists working on approximately 24,000 documents spread across 300 products in 19 languages. CA Technologies was trying to replace a legacy system that had proprietary writerfriendly tools, but was limited on collaboration. They were also limited in the ability to automate workflows; and the system did not align with the agile development processes they were adopting. The new solution needed to be simple, scalable and cost-effective.


CA Technologies launched a redesign using Atlassian Confluence with AppFusions and the Lingotek Inside Integration - Enterprise Translations Hub for Atlassian Confluence. Lingotek’s cloud-based solution allows CA Technologies’ information developers and localization specialists to collaborate more easily on translated content. Atlassian Confluence streamlines the authoring and publishing of that content; and a combination of both technologies allows for an expected 55% faster turnaround time for publishing content. Content published in Atlassian Confluence and translated using Lingotek’s Translation Management System allows for content to be indexed by Google, making it search engine friendly in every language.


Translation and localization now happen in a matter of minutes rather than hours; and CA Technologies has complete transparency into the status of its documents. CA Technologies is expected to save up to 55% in project turnaround time as a result of implementing Lingotek’s in-workflow translation technologies. Another requirement of the project was that CA Technologies did not want to be locked into a single-vendor machine translation solution. With Lingotek’s robust API and out-of-the-box integrations to the most popular MT engines on the market, CA Technologies is now free to select the machine translation engines that best fit each project’s budget, timeframe, and language set. CA Technologies was also able to leverage existing translation memory assets by importing and storing them in Lingotek’s cloud-based Translation Management System. Lastly, CA Technologies is supported with Atlassian Confluence version updates to its sites.

Elaborate International Workflow Needs

CA WorkflowsProfessional translation services were not only expensive, but interrupted CA Technologies’ rapidly evolving translation workflow. The company produced a continuous stream of content with which translation services had to keep pace. CA Technologies’ content included everything from web site content, to support and product documentation.

With each new language CA Technologies added, its content would double. The company couldn’t afford to wait for traditional professional translators. By the time the translated content arrived, it was already outdated.

Pure machine translation wouldn’t work either. CA Technologies needed highly-accurate translations that could adapt to the specifics of local languages and their unique nuances. It was extremely important to ensure that all continents were saying the same things in the same ways, despite varying languages. This included ensuring that idioms and metaphors were translated appropriately, so that they did not lose their meaning in the switch to a new language.

In-Workflow Translation Generates Real-Time Results

CA Technologies selected Atlassian Confluence, AppFusions and Lingotek to continuously and automatically translate its global content, in real time. Lingotek enables CA Technologies to take advantage of several possible translation workflows; including: automatic machine translation with enhanced translation memory recognition, community (customer or employee-based) translation, and professional translation. These workflows are coupled with human reviews and approvals to enable seamless, multilingual publishing that is both automatic and in real time.

Infinite Scaling, Immediate Localization

Lingotek’s automatic workflow kicks off translation whenever CA Technologies' content changes. This ensures that CA Technologies’ global sites are always synchronized, even though many incremental changes to content take place daily. Lingotek’s automation makes all translation fully scalable.

In a boon to CA Technologies, information developers and localization specialists worldwide use Lingotek’s community features to allow for local input, localizing content in real time. Thanks to the community component, CA Technologies can add new languages without hiring additional people to help translate content. Moreover, Lingotek’s interface is extremely easy-to-use and enables information developers and localization specialists to edit content as needed to be congruent with local customs.

Immediate ROI

By harnessing Atlassian Confluence and Lingotek’s unique ability to connect CA Technologies’ 300 information developers and localization specialists, publishing translations is now in real-time. The end result is an enhanced bottom line. CA Technologies expects to decrease translation costs and increase 55% in project turnaround time. CA Technologies saved significant time and money.

About Lingotek

Lingotek | The Translation Network helps your business access new markets and customers. We do this by providing Inside Content Management System modules, a sophisticated translation management system and a professional translation services network. More information is available at

Contact Me  Download Case Study  Watch Webinar  Doc Ops - How CA Did  Read the CA + Vistatec Case Study

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