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What We Offer

Web developers are responsible for the look and critical functionality of your company’s sites. That includes making sure that your path to global engagement and localization goes as smoothly as possible. Many enterprises are prioritizing user experience and customer engagement, and providing dynamic, multilingual content is key.

Our collaborative Translation Management System (TMS) is specifically designed to address the challenges of continuous global publishing. Cloud-hosted and offered on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis, this browser-based translation workflow and publishing platform is fully integrated and interoperable with third party applications for content management, content authoring, code development, source control and bug tracking through robust APIs.


Lingotek -  Inside Connectors offer the industry’s only out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular web applications: CRM, CMS, eCommerce platforms, knowledge bases, product and support documentation, social business software, marketing automation suites, desktop files, and even software localization. Because we rebuild content right into your system, we eliminate several steps in the usual translation process, streamlining translation.

Out-of-the-Box Integration

We’ve partnered with the most popular enterprise applications so you can work directly in your native environments. Lingotek – Inside Connectors give you the ability to translate content without leaving your site--no working in silos, no switching between applications. Users can translate, localize, update, and publish global content within a single, uninterrupted workflow. As a result, translations are accelerated and the globalization of content becomes faster and more streamlined.

Lingotek’s Open Multilingual API

Our open multilingual APIs are accessible and affordable and support  23+ file types, including the most popular enterprise applications in the industry. The Multilingual Lingotek API is an easy-to-use, powerful way for to integrate your enterprise applications with the Lingotek Translation Management System (TMS). This single point Multilingual API allows you to easily upload source content for translation, have the content automatically translated, and download the translated content back into the original application.

Through our Multilingual API, you can access all the powerful translation tools within the Lingotek TMS. Features like translation workflows, centralized cloud-based Translation Memory (TM), and Machine Translation (MT) are all at your fingertips.

If you have a homegrown CMS or some other file repository that we don’t already integrate with, Lingotek’s robust and open Multilingual API can be used to automate file transfer between Lingotek’s TMS and wherever your content lives.

More Downloads, Installs, and #1 Rankings

The Lingotek - Inside WordPress plugin is consistently ranked as the best multilingual translation technology the industry has to offer.There have been over 100k downloads of the Lingotek Inside - WordPress plugin and 9,000 active installs users who want multilingual translation of their websites.

There are over 56,000 Drupal users who use Lingotek; our nearest competitor’s users only number in the double digits.


Create New Integrations in our DevZone

Our industry-leading DevZone provides you with all the necessary tools to leverage Lingotek’s open multilingual API in order to translate content in any type of web application. The DevZone includes several featured integrations so developers can see how they used the Lingotek API for building their unique applications. The DevZone gives you a comprehensive overview, tips for basic integration and a handy guide to aid you in the development of your Lingotek - Inside integration.

To help you get started as quickly as possible, Lingotek provides code examples showing you how to round trip a document in API 5. Code examples show how to create a project, upload a document to the project, request translation, and download the resulting translation.


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