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Easy Localization of Adobe InDesign File

Adobe InDesign

Easy Localization of Adobe InDesign File


Adobe® InDesign® is the world’s leading desktop publishing (DTP) software, but finding a way to translate DTP files without time-consuming cutting and pasting or reformatting, can be a challenge.

Gerry Hurley, Director of Business Development, and Jamie O’Connell, Director of Sales Engineering from 1io--the creators of the one2edit web application for managing, editing, and translating Adobe InDesign documents online--will join Josh Solomon, Integrations Product Manager from Lingotek--a translation software and services provider--to present this webinar on their industry-leading solution for the management of multilingual marketing collateral and packaging/labeling artwork.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the exceptional design, layout, and typographical capabilities of Adobe InDesign software and seamlessly translate those files for global audiences.
  • How Lingotek’s In-Context Workbench allows you to preview translations in context prior to publishing to ensure formatting, layout, and design remain intact.
  • How automated workflows let you set up review teams to streamline and simplify translation project management.
  • How the cost-efficient reuse of translation memories and linguistic assets saves you money and keeps your branding intact.
  • How one2edit and the Lingotek- Inside Adobe InDesign Connector help you maintain control over your visual branding elements.

Learn how one2edit and the Lingotek - Inside Adobe InDesign Connector are helping enterprise clients like Nike, 3M, and Siemens create, manage, and deliver seamless multilingual brand experiences for their global customers.


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