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Cutting-Edge Translation Technology Born of Intelligence

Experience the Benefits of Networked Translation


What We Offer

Lingotek’s cutting edge translation technology was created in the U.S. government intelligence community. The company is funded by Signal Peak Ventures and In-Q-Tel, a strategic, not-for-profit investment firm that works to identify, adapt, and deliver innovative technology solutions to support the mission of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Lingotek’s cloud-based collaborative translation management system was introduced to the public sector in 2006.

Our intelligence origins made us the early leader in collaborative translation technology, with an innovative cloud translation management system (TMS) that uses computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to facilitate faster, efficient, high-quality translation. Our open multilingual APIs and connectors pair with all of the top enterprise applications to automate and integrate translation within your global content management systems, centralizing your governance and control.

The Networked Translation Solution

Lingotek’s networked translation solution brings digital transformation to your localization strategy. Our agile, automated technology and expert language services combine to bring translation into the 21st century. Our connectors integrate translation throughout the enterprise to create a dynamic platform--a single solution--for delivering multilingual content to all of your global customers. That’s why Lingotek’s customers include some of the most innovative, Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Why Lingotek?

Our networked translation solution helps you achieve the positive business outcomes you need  to support your strategic goals: increasing revenue, reducing costs, and solving problems.

Agile translation strategies drive revenue

  • Facilitate Market Expansion - Improve your ability to enter new markets.
  • Extend Brand Recognition - Ensure consistent messaging globally.
  • Increase Customer Acquisition - Gain new customers, KOLs, and champions.
  • Displace Competitors  - Win greater market share.
  • Streamline Product Launches - Enable simultaneous distribution of product information to all markets.
  • Reduce Time to Market - Sell products sooner, gain a competitive advantage, and collect more revenue.
  • Collect Business Intelligence - Drive strategic decision making and optimize localization decisions with holistic visibility, analytics, and measurement.  Eliminate blind spots and gain insight with KPIs and performance metrics.

Greater translation efficiency reduces costs

  • Reuse Translated Content - Content sharing and reuse, asset accumulation, and leveraging assets reduces your translation spend.
  • Eliminate Silos - Consolidating translation means you don’t have to pay for the same translations over and over again just because they’re done by different departments.
  • Optimize Supply Chains - Intelligent supplier management and vendor management capability optimizes your supply chain and helps optimize your bargaining power.
  • Streamline Efficiency - Automating processes increases your speed, agility, and real-time capabilities for maximum throughput.
  • Reduce Man Hours - Reduce the number of man hours needed to monitor and manage translation projects.

Solve problems associated with low-tech translation

  • Slow turnaround time
  • Inefficient workflows and processes
  • Poor translation quality
  • Cultural missteps
  • Lack of control and security
  • Inconsistent messaging, branding
  • Inability to engage global customers


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Experience the Benefits of Networked Translation


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