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Family Search

"Lingotek’s Salesforce integration takes something that can be a very involved process and makes it automatic, where it can be done in a few seconds."

Family Search

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Lingotek Salesforce Connector More Automation + Integration = Faster Delivery

About FamilySearch

FamilySearch, a nonprofit family history organization, is the largest genealogy organization in the world. Millions of people use FamilySearch records, resources, and services each year to learn more about their family history. For over 100 years, FamilySearch and its predecessors have been actively gathering, preserving, and sharing genealogical records worldwide. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the primary benefactor for FamilySearch services.


FamilySearch (FS) was using a Salesforce integration to translate its knowledge base content, but managing translation was difficult and time consuming. It required cutting and pasting translations back into Salesforce, one document at a time. The biggest challenge was how to get content out of several systems--Salesforce, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Wiki--bulk translate the information, and then return it back into the repository.

The process was slow and time consuming for staff to manage and the integration didn’t have the ability to scale for the quantity of translation that was needed. Rob Thomas, Senior Project Manager at FS, used a laundry service analogy to explain the frustration of using tools that weren’t built with translation in mind. “We needed a service where we could drop the laundry off in a bundle, and have it all washed, dried, and folded on an assembly line,” said Thomas. “The tools we were using were designed to wash, dry, and fold one piece of laundry at a time.”

The company was familiar with Lingotek because they had previously worked together to create an innovative community translation solution. FS is using Lingotek’s translation management system (TMS) and its easy-to-use, customizable workflows to manage a 2-million word community translation project. They knew that Lingotek was an industry leader in creating integrated translation solutions. Lingotek and FS have been working together for nine years and they had experience with Lingotek as “a friendly partner that could help FS solve problems that did not have easy answers.” So, FS approached Lingotek to build a Salesforce integration.

 FamilySearch Business Objectives Family Search

  • 9 Languages
  • 150,000 Words a Week
  • Integration with Salesforce
  • Overcoming Strategic Challenges
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Manage Community
  • Translation Workflows
  • Bulk File Translation
  • Scalability


Lingotek and FS worked together to create the Lingotek - Inside Salesforce Connector, which integrates with Lingotek’s automated, cloud-based TMS. It gives FS access to professional-grade translation tools directly within the Salesforce application, so they can translate, update, and publish knowledge base content in a single, uninterrupted workflow.

Lingotek - Inside Salesforce Connector
Lingotek - Inside Connectors offer out-of-the-box integrations with all of the most popular web applications: CRM, CMS, eCommerce platforms, knowledge bases, product and support documentation, social business software, marketing automation suites, desktop files, and even software localization. They include access to Lingotek’s industry-leading TMS with tools like easy-to-use workflows, translation memory, and intelligence. The Lingotek - Inside Salesforce Connector makes the entire process of authoring, personalizing, and publishing web content more integrated and automated.

Family Search

Lingotek | The Translation Network
Lingotek has the most mature, full-featured, cloud-based TMS on the market, providing users with the industry’s most advanced tools for streamlining the translation process.The Translation Network provides businesses with industry-leading translation tools, including an innovative in-context workbench and review function, CAT tool, translation memory, glossaries, style guides, around-the-clock translation, easy-to-use customizable workflows, and more. For project managers, the Translation Network automates, integrates, and streamlines translation with automatic notifications sent to translators, real-time collaboration and project monitoring, and continuous cloud updates.


FS is using Lingotek’s community translation platform to translate 150,000 total words a week in 9 languages.

Excellent Communication & Problem Solving
Lingotek fine tuned the connector to make sure it would work to meet FS’s needs. Thomas appreciated Lingotek’s consistent communication during projects & their diligence in solving problems & working toward a solution. “Lingotek’s willingness to work on strategic challenges is very helpful and refreshing,” said Thomas. Many translation vendors promise good outcomes, he reported, but the real difference with Lingotek was “the diligence of delivery.” Thomas respected that “Lingotek stays with us as project elements are figured out and a clear project plan is refined and decided on.”

Customized Translation Solutions
Thomas explained that other vendors tried to get FS to purchase off-the-shelf solutions, even when it wasn’t a good fit. Lingotek worked to craft their solution to specifically meet FS’s needs.

Integrated, Automated Translation & Faster Delivery
With Lingotek’s connector, FS is experiencing easier, automated translation & faster delivery. “Lingotek’s Salesforce integration takes something that can be a very involved process & makes it automatic, where it can be done in a few seconds."

Family Search

Lingotek - Inside Salesforce + TMS = Results

  • Improved efficiency
  • Better workflow
  • Streamlined communication
  • Better user experience
  • Cost savings
  • Faster translation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • More accurate translation
  • Accelerated delivery
  • Improved departmental performance
  • Better resource utilization
  • Met / exceeded project goals
  • Return on investment (ROI)

Next Steps

FS is working with Lingotek on several integrations, including Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), WordPress, and Worldserver. They will continue to work together to create more in-depth workflow processes and include string management as part of integrating FS with Lingotek’s translation workflow.

About Lingotek

Lingotek | The Translation NetworkLingotek’s Translation Network is the only cloud-based solution to connect all your global content in one place, giving you the power to manage your brand worldwide. Our industry-leading technology pairs with the best enterprise applications to continuously push dynamic multilingual content to all of your global markets. Finally. Networked translation. 

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