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William Strecker
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Many government agencies gather intelligence from around the world. This content may be from the Internet, scanned documents, audio or video transcripts, and other sources. Determining the relevance of this material and understanding it correctly is vital to the success of these organizations. These entities operate on a large scale and the information they digest is usually time-sensitive. Although we are limited in the amount of detail we can share about these clients without compromising their need for anonymity and security, we can still share general challenges and the ways that Lingotek has found to meet their needs.


Often when content comes in from around the world, the first consideration is not translation but triage. Cursory analysis is needed to determine whether or not the material is worth the cost and effort to translate. In other words, basic translation is required to determine whether further, complete translation is necessary. Once text has been summarized in English, reviewed, and found to be relevant, then in-depth translation may be pursued. Given the high volume of translations, anything that can speed up the process, reduce cost per word, and improve accuracy is helpful.


Lingotek offers a comprehensive translation platform. It integrates the best translation technology features available into one simple interface. This includes machine translation, translation memory and terminology management as well as workflow automation and team productivity features. Lingotek is a browser-based application with modular design. This makes it easy to customize to specific agency needs and applications as well as incorporate various translation technology into one management dashboard. Lingotek handles all language pairs with equal facility including right-to-left languages like Arabic and pictorial languages like Chinese.

Machine translation, especially when trained on similar documents, offers near-instant translation with a high level of accuracy ideal for first-level, basic gist analysis. Lingotek is integrated with common machine translation engines and has connections with private machine translation engines. In addition, it provides an interface for retraining machine translation to correct any errors or mistaken meanings.

Once text is determined to be valuable, Lingotek offers technology to speed up the translation process by reducing the amount of duplicate work that has to be done. Every sentence translated on the platform is automatically archived and indexed for future use. When a translator navigates to a sentence to begin translation, prior translations are searched and matches are displayed as a reference. The matching threshold is configurable by each user and can be anywhere from the whole sentence down to one word. Translations are stored in specified vaults that can be shared or kept private and secure. Managers can determine which vaults are available as a resource for each new translation on a project by project basis. New vaults can be created and managed as often as desired.

Depending on the context and subject matter of the source text, different terminology may be relevant. For example the initials CD have very different meanings depending on whether the topic is finance or music. Lingotek provides terminology management features to generate and manage dictionaries, maintaining trusted accuracy in each translation project. Dictionaries assigned to a project will prompt the translator to use a particular translation if a matching term in the dictionary appears in the sentence currently being translated. When enabled by the project manager, users can also contribute entries and build the glossary for future projects.

Lingotek provides controls for multi-layered data security. Projects, dictionaries and translation memory vaults can be restricted to customizable access groups. In addition to access control, Lingotek promotes team productivity and a mentor/trainee model. Automated workflow templates allow for multiple phases on a project. Real-time status updates provide an overview of progress at the dashboard level. Managers can also open a translation in progress to view specific sentences as they are translated to evaluate the work, offer feedback, and answer questions. Managers can pull reports of notes generated by translators to review them in bulk.


Lingotek is available with a site license for private installation inside the firewall of an organization. Role-based access controls allow for complete compartmentalization of sensitive data. Triage capability is available to determine content value. Mentor/trainee interaction, machine translation retraining and translation memory reuse help improve the quality of linguistic and skills of personnel assets over time. Detailed reporting at the macro and micro level ease the headache of high-volume tasks and provide complete top-down visibility. Lingotek is a US company and all software is developed domestically.

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