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“We wanted to work with a translation provider that offered a best-in-class technology solution for streamlining the operational overhead inherent to translation change management.” 

Larry Furr
VP of Product


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Ghostery Optimizes The Customer Digital Experience With Agile Translation 


About Ghostery

Ghostery empowers consumers and businesses globally to create safer, faster, and more trusted digital experiences. Since 2009, millions of consumers have relied on the free Ghostery Browser Extension and mobile app to control how they are tracked online. Businesses rely on Ghostery MCM to speed up, clean up, and lock down their websites and apps through increased visibility and control of the digital technologies used to drive conversion and revenue. Ghostery is also the dominant provider of privacy governance services, powering compliance for more than $2 billion of advertising and e-commerce transactions annually. Key clients such as Equifax, Intercontinental Hotels Group, and Operative depend on Ghostery to take their digital business from chaos to control.


As Ghostery grew in popularity and demand, they needed to relaunch their website and redesign the Ghostery Browser Extension, a plug-in used by millions worldwide. Their initial requirement was to make their redesigned browser extension available in 22 languages. The main business driver for the project was an increased global demand for a multilingual product. Additionally, Ghostery was constantly releasing new updates to their products and needed a way to produce and manage localized content to keep pace with the rapid rate of development.

“We wanted to work with a translation provider that offered a best-in-class technology solution for streamlining the operational overhead inherent to translation change management,” says Larry Furr, VP of Product at Ghostery. Ghostery


In 2015, Ghostery began using Lingotek’s Translation Management System to manage the localization of their software products. The requirement was to translate their content from US English into 21 languages roughly every two weeks. In that process, they submit JSON text files to an account manager who uploads them to the Lingotek platform, the files are then automatically assigned to translators. The files are typically translated within 1-3 days, at which point the Ghostery dev team uses the Lingotek API to pull the files and implement them in the update process. Furr affirms that “the Lingotek deployment and integration process was pretty seamless for us.”

Lingotek is now used by product development for managing quick turnarounds of the Ghostery products’ UI strings. As an agile development shop, Ghostery releases weekly so translations must be turned around very quickly to keep up with the rapid cadence of the release cycles.



The Lingotek Translation Network has increased Ghostery’s engagement with business intelligence, accelerated content delivery, improved departmental performance, allowed for better resource utilization, and has increased worldwide product adoption uncovering new opportunities for expansion.

According to Ghostery’s Director of Product Management, Jeremy Tillman, there is now “a streamlined process that requires very little thought on our side and very little operational overhead. Getting timely translations that are contextually accurate in our product is critical to us staying engaged with – and not alienating – our international users.” The real metric of success for Ghostery is that they rarely receive complaints from non-English speakers about interpreting the product content.

Empowering Agile Processes

With tight collaboration between Ghostery account managers and the Lingotek customer service team, the platform is now easily used by multiple product teams with very little need for a platform technology supervisor. This decentralization of asynchronous collaboration is particularly useful, since most stakeholders can’t afford to take time away from other projects for troubleshooting. Mr. Tillman states that “it’s unique to have an agile product development cycle that includes 2-3 monthly iterative deployments that often include small copy iterations across 22 languages. The freedom and agility that Lingotek offers us as a worldwide product definitely justifies the investment.”

  • Software localized into 22 languages
  • Increased engagement with BI
  • Accelerated content delivery
  • Improved departmental performance
  • Better resource utilization
  • Increased worldwide product adoption
  • New opportunities uncovered for expansion

Next Steps

The Ghostery marketing team is currently in the process of implementing several of Lingotek’s Inside connectors for optimizing the translation workflow of their marketing websites and campaigns.

About Lingotek

Lingotek | The Translation Network Lingotek’s Translation Network is the only cloud-based solution to connect all your global content in one place, giving you the power to manage your brand worldwide. Our industry-leading technology pairs with the best enterprise applications to continuously push dynamic multilingual content to all of your global markets. Finally. Networked translation. Find out more about Lingotek at

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