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In-Context Workbench

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What We OfferLingotek - In-Context Workbench

Lingotek offers linguists and project managers two types of project workbenches: the TMS Workbench and the In-Context Workbench. 

In-Context Workbench

Lingotek’s real-time In-Context Workbench is a powerful Google Chrome extension that changes the way companies create and distribute content to a global audience. By immersing translators in a dynamic, visual experience, we’ve brought translation, formatting, and review together in real time, in real view, and in one place. It's translation in real life.

The Industry's Only Real Time, In-Context Review

The In-Context Workbench is the only one in the industry to give translators the ability to preview the page as they translate to see the layout  in real time. Translations are automatically merged back into your enterprise application to allow the content to be reviewed in context.

User-friendly access and organization: Users gain quick access with the ability to launch the In-Context Workbench from any web page with the Google Chrome extension. View and navigate task lists from the ICW.

Display-The ICW provides an interactive, live view of context and segmented views, side by side in the same window. You can view in full-screen mode with a single click and preview translations in context before you publish.

Editing-Users can easily view a segment’s revision history for quick and easy navigation to unapproved or edited segments. Highlighted glossary terms throughout the entire document provide a visual cue for users. View and paste translation resources (TM, Terminology, MT), perform a concordance search, or view segment notes.

Formatting-Users can apply and adjust formatting and insert new inline tags in the target text (<br>, &nbsp; and new line) to adjust the layout of the translated text.



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In Context Review


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