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 International Search Engine Optimization Data Sheet

What We OfferLingotek - International Search Engine Optimization

To attract visitors from multiple countries who speak many different languages, your website needs to be localized in a way that makes it easier for international search engines and customers to find you. That’s because global consumers don’t visit websites, search the Internet, or purchase from sites that aren’t in their native language.

To make your keywords relevant to a global audience and improve your customer engagement worldwide, Lingotek offers  tools and services to optimize your international SEO.

Keyword Localization

Keyword localization ensures that your keywords match locale-specific search habits, terms, and phrases. The service also includes:

  • Extraction
  • List Creation
  • Localization
  • Implementation
  • List Maintenance

Global Search Engine Evaluation

Lingotek will find out which search engines are the most popular in the region you are targeting to identify and implement a customized search engine strategy. Global search engines will be evaluated based on several factors:

  • How they crawl and index sites.
  • How they rank relevant websites.
  • Ranking factors.
  • Configuration needs.
  • Algorithms used to determine relevance.

In-Context Content Optimization

Adding Lingotek’s In-Context Workbench capabilities to the workflow allows linguists to bring translation, formatting, and review together in real time, all in one place. This allows linguists to transcreate as needed, using your keyword glossary and style guide with locale-specific standards.

Cultural Consultation

Lingotek International SEO Services include cultural consultation that takes into account language based on the target country or region, locale-specific standards, and design to enhance customer engagement with your site.

Lingotek will work with your in-country resources to rank content from the most relevant to least relevant. It also helps to limit the project scope and reduce the cost of translation.

Lingotek Project Managers are not only highly experienced, but also multilingual, which gives them the ability to raise potential cultural issues and to offer recommendations.

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