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The Power to Translate is Now Inside Marketo!

Make your Marketo Content Multilingual

Lingotek's cloud-based translation and localization platform gives you the power to build a consistent, up-to-date, multilingual marketing content.



What is Marketo?

Marketo's marketing automation software helps marketers automatically engage customers and prospects and manage marketing campaigns.

What can our connector do?

Getting your marketing emails to display correctly in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Apple Mail, etc. can be a challenge. Using our connector means you can automatically rebuild emails in another language without having to reformat the entire page.

Simply install the Lingotek + Marketo browser extension, and manage all of your translations inside of Marketo.


  • Emails
  • Email templates
  • Forms
  • Landing page templates  
  • Snippets
  • Dynamic content

Installation is Quick and Easy

  • To install the connector, simply download our browser extension. No complicated configurations required!
  • Lingotek tools display inside Marketo. No need to learn a new system; intuitive translation icons display on each page. 

Streamlined Management

  • Request translations from any page.
  • With color coded indicators, easily track translation status for each language. 
  • Search for items; don’t hunt and scroll.
  • Eliminate tedious, repetitive work with bulk actions.
  • Check formatting with our preview tool.
  • Rebuild each page automatically. No reformatting required!

Reusable Translations

  • Pay for translations once! Automatically reuse translations repeated across all documents.

Automated Translation

  • Simplify project management with automated translation workflows and assignments.
  • Automatic alerts notify project managers when work is done.
  • New content is tracked; retranslations can be requested automatically.

Tailored Messaging

  • With the ability to translate geographic-specific dynamic content, craft locale-specific messaging. 

Lingotek Features

All-in-One Translation Solution

  • On-demand translation
  • Rapid translations in a secure environment
  • Real-time translation status and reports
  • Glossaries tailored to your content
  • +250 languages
  • Automatically track new content; send updates for retranslation.
  • Keep translations organized into Lingotek projects.
  • Choose resources (glossaries, workflows, and translation memories) for each project.
  • Access a translator workbench.
  • Manually or automatically publish completed translations.
  • Add custom filter configurations.
  • Send just updated content for retranslation. 


Save training and licensing fees. 
The connector is embedded into Marketo. No additional license fees required! 
Translators complete translations outside of Marketo. Then, Lingotek rebuilds each translated file behind the scenes as soon as it is complete.

Reduce administrative costs 
Administrators can manage translation for many languages within a single app.

Reach a wide client base 
Display content in the user’s native language.

Ensure security and privacy
Keep translations private until they are ready to publish.

Request professional translation 
Use your own translation agency or tap into Lingotek’s network of more than 5,000+ in-country translators. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which items can I translate?
Lingotek - Inside Marketo can handle translations for emails, email templates, forms, landing page templates, snippets, and dynamic content. Landing pages will be supported in a future release.
Do I need to purchase a CAT tool?
No. The Lingotek module comes with a built in CAT tool--the Lingotek Workbench.
I have several translators that I use often. Is there an easy way to automate their translation assignments?
Yes. You can create control default settings, like automatic assignments, by creating a Lingotek
workflow. Simply apply the workflow whenever you have a Korean translation project.
Can my new or existing Language Service Providers use Lingotek’s Translation Network?
Yes. Many of our clients elect to use our technology coupled with their preferred LSPs. We have
extensive experience in implementing new and existing LSPs with our Translation Network.
Can I use existing linguistic assets--Translation Memory, glossaries, etc.--in Lingotek?
Yes. You can import all of your linguistic assets, including glossaries, terminologies,
and translation memory. Additionally, when you create assets with Lingotek you
maintain full control of those assets.
I need to translate into several languages. How many languages can Lingotek handle?
Lingotek supports translation into as many as +250 languages. Translate into as many
(or as few) languages as you like.

Install the Lingotek + Marketo browser extension, and start requesting translations!

Marketo Translation

Choose from 256 languages, 760 locales 

Choose from 256 languages, 760 locales

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