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Language Quality Solution Sheet

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Trying to assess translation quality requires a lot of time, effort, and money. Even the most globalization-savvy enterprises with internal localization departments still resort to spreadsheets and labor-intensive manual processes to evaluate translation quality. As a result, many enterprises are choosing to outsource quality evaluation.

There hasn’t been any translation technology on the market that can create or administer a quality program at scale, until now. Introducing Lingotek’s newest Language Services offering-- Linguistic Quality Evaluation (LQE)--the industry's first and only technology solution for creating, administering, and reporting on quality evaluations for your organization.

Automated, Integrated Linguistic Quality Services

Eliminate time-consuming quality management

Creating and setting up a quality program can be challenging and time consuming. If you don’t have previous experience defining and monitoring quality, it can lead to costly inefficiencies and suspect reporting. Lingotek Quality Services ensure the delivery of high-quality translation by automating and integrating quality evaluation and reporting.

Language Quality Services

Our technology reduces the number of manual processes required to evaluate vendors and provides an integrated and objective scoring mechanism for assessing quality. Lingotek not only guarantees quality translation, but also produces customer-accessible data and reports to prove it. By selecting Lingotek as your translation provider, you no longer have to question whether or not you’re getting what you’ve paid for with regard to translation quality.

Customizable Quality Programs

Make managing quality at scale easier

Lingotek’s tech-enabled Quality Services solution makes managing quality at scale easier and more automated for enterprises that need continuous delivery of dynamic, high-quality multilingual content. With Lingotek, you have the option to base your quality program on an industry standard, such as the Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF), or to create a quality program customized to meet your exact needs.

Based on how you define quality

Our technology gives us the ability to create and define the core components of a best-in-class quality program:

  • Apply an industry standard (DQF, LISA, etc.) or create your own program.
  • Define error types, categories, and severities.
  • Build dynamic scorecards for scoring by content type, domain, connector, etc.
  • Establish a standardized word count (e.g. 1000 words) as a baseline for comparing quality scores of documents of different lengths.
  • Manage versions when adjustments are made to any setting in the program.
  • Create workflows to incorporate LQE and scoring into the translation process.
  • Create a quality program(s) that can be applied to future projects.
  • Execute quality evaluation during translation.
  • Provide a feedback mechanism for scoring and grading translation quality.
  • Analysis and reporting on quality over time.

Continuous Feedback Loop

Our trained linguists will work within the pre-defined standards of your quality program to continuously evaluate the quality of their completed translations. Providing a feedback loop and feedback to linguists helps them adjust future translations accordingly.  Lingotek’s LQE tool lets linguists download a quality report for their translations, review the feedback in real time and make necessary corrections without having to wait for a project manager to send them the feedback or a project retrospective. This real-time feedback loop quickly identifies areas of improvement and can reveal topics to improve future training.

Quality Data Reporting

Language Quality Evaluation - Quality Issue by TypeLanguage Quality Evaluation - Quality Issue by Type

With Lingotek Quality Services, you get the data you need to make informed decisions on the quality of your localization:

  • Visibility into what defines a quality translation.
  • Data to analyze trends and spot common mistakes.
  • Reporting on quality scores over time including the ratio of pass/fail grades.
  • The ability to filter by quality scores for all documents in a project and filter to see only those failing to meet your quality standard.
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