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"Using Lingotek – Inside Drupal has simplified the process of rolling out websites in new geographies, the translation of our multilingual sites is a lot simpler and easy to manage."

Bryan House
VP of Global Accounts

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"Localizing our product and service materials is critical to ensuring our customers worldwide get the best user experience possible. Working with Lingotek, we are streamlining the process by enabling recognized leaders within each global market to distribute and collaborate on individual translation projects with their existing communities. It's a quality engagement and educational tool for our foreign markets."

Francis Tsang
Director of Globalization


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"Using Lingotek – Inside Drupal has been fantastic; the change in process for translation is huge. Emailing file attachments around seems so archaic."

Chris Vitti
Director, Websites and Marketing Systems


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CA Technologies

"Lingotek acts as a "traffic cop" to direct each product wiki to specific translation vendors to execute translation memory, machine translation and post-editing if so desired (vendors chosen by CA Technologies)."

James Turcotte
SVP of Information Services
CA Technologies

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"When you can ask a question in one language and someone can provide an answer in a different language–all in the same thread–that’s the magic right there. That’s the real wow factor."

Director of Global Customer Communities

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"My experience with translation goes back ten years. I’ve looked at every technology, and I’ve got to be really sincere and direct with my statement, that Lingotek is absolutely the most exciting technology I’ve ever seen in the space."

Aaron Fulkerson

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Trimble - Plancal

"Our ROI, in my opinion, was achieved almost immediately because of the time savings during review and in deployment time. The Translation Network gave us a live view of the translation and freed up the web team for more important work."

Angelo Katsaros
Web Designer & Front End Developer

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Princess Cruises

"Princess@Sea provides valuable information directly to our guests’ mobile devices.  Guests can chat with each other, plan their day’s events and activities, review the ship’s itinerary and port guides, browse restaurant menus and even access their stateroom accounts."

Mario Siebaldi
VP Guest Services & Technology
Princess Cruises


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Varian Medical Systems

"The integration with the Drupal connector has made translating and localizing our website into multiple languages a seamless process, and it’s saving us a lot of time. With Lingotek’s cloud-based translation technology, the company has been able to build a site, from begin to end, in about three months."

Scott McRay
Director of Global Web Strategy
Varian Medical

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"...Lingotek continues to be a critical component of our language translation technology capabilities."

William Strecker
Executive VP of Architecture and Engineering

Language Services

"I have been very satisfied with not only the quality of the translations that we received from Lingotek, but the high quality of service we received as well. Their attention to the details, and their willingness and ability to adapt to our specific needs, were instrumental to the success of our projects."

Kelly Packer
Certification Consulting Services


"Lingotek is always accommodating, prompt, and organized in their interactions with us, and we value our excellent working relationship!"

Carol N. Tripp, MLS
Intermountain Healthcare
Resource Coordinator


"I have been impressed with the quality of translations from Lingotek. They are quick to respond and willing to work with our specific needs. They have been very dependable and a pleasure to work with."

Daniel Taylor
4Life Research
Manager, European Union


"Absolutely stunning! This platform is very easy to use, very effective, a time-saver, and a symbol of collective efforts in translation. As an Industrial Engineer, I’ve always meant to increase the efficiency and productivity individually over years, yet this platform delivers it by a country mile!"

Erkan Dogan
Chicago Translator
Industrial Engineer & Technical Translator


"I think Lingotek's Collaborative Translation Platform is one of the easiest and efficient collaborative environment tool I have worked with. The glossary creation/management too has some great features, like the ability to show the glossary hits on the same windows as the TM hits, so you don't have to toggle to the Glossary tab to look for items.

I just finished translating the Burns glossary into Arabic and uploaded it. It is working like a charm. Your IT guys have done a great job."

Hikmat Faraj
English & Arabic Translator


"Lingotek’s Translation Services did an outstanding job on our project. They are extremely responsive and delivered ahead of schedule. We’ll definitely use them again."

Thomas Quist
Project Manager
Synergy WorldWide


Investor Quotes

"Lingotek presented a unique solution to a common problem; how to get content translated. There have been many companies that have tried to address this business need, but none have been as innovative as Lingotek and the company’s Collaborative Translation Platform. Lingotek’s combination of technology, collaboration, and management in a single platform provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for translating and managing content. Business owners can access the solution in a variety of ways to fit their needs; via the SaaS web interface, integrated with their own technology, or through other customized deployments. Using Lingotek, businesses and organizations now have a solution that provides trusted, rapid, and cost-effective translations."

Scott Caruso
General Partner
Flywheel Ventures

"When searching for exciting investment opportunities, it is difficult to find a company that pairs a distinct technological advantage with a robust client list - you usually get one or the other.  Lingotek has provided us the rare chance to partner with a company that has a firm grasp of technological problem solving and also has a solid foothold in the private and public sectors.  The latter comes, no doubt, from their ability to deliver solutions that are customized to the requirements of the client and an enthusiasm to serve customers and make sure that their needs are being met.  Add to that mix the emerging power of crowdsourcing and our decision to support Lingotek became an easy one."

Ron Heinz
General Partner
Signal Peak Ventures

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