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“The Tizen Project was able to reduce project turnaround times in the translation workflow using Lingotek Inside Drupal by eliminating the need to execute translation processes manually.”

Michael Shaver
Web Manager - Open Source Technology Center


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About The Tizen Project

The Tizen Project is an open-source operating system for a wide spectrum of devices including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, netbooks and in-vehicle infotainment devices. The mobile platform is based on the latest open standards and, due to its robust capabilities, is globally supported by a range of mobile operators, device manufacturers and silicon suppliers. The Tizen Project’s software development kit (SDK) provides a flexible environment for application developers, offering the cross-platform flexibility required to deliver a unified user experience across all device form factors.

The Tizen Project


The Tizen Project website is administered jointly between the Linux Foundation, Samsung and the Tizen community, with support from Lullabot. The team needed to translate the Tizen website into six different languages, and was seeking a translation Management System (TMS) that could integrate into their Drupal content management system (CMS) to automate the translation process. Because real-time collaboration among project members working internationally was crucial, the solution had to be cloud-based. The Tizen Project reached out to Acquia for help, and Acquia immediately recommended its strategic partner, Lingotek.


The Tizen Project used the Lingotek translation management system (TMS), along with Lingotek Inside-Drupal integration software, as a centralized platform for content translation. The Tizen Project leveraged machine translation and translation memory into its workflow, and used the Lingotek Workbench for real-time translations. Translators also used Lingotek to post-edit content. Finally, The Tizen Project used Lingotek to set the stage for community translators to help translate content.


The Tizen Project hastened its project turnaround time in the translation workflow by eliminating the need to execute translation processes manually. They reduced the translation cost per word for The Tizen Project by 45 percent. Additional efficiencies came from Lingotek TMS reusing legacy translation with translation memories for efficient and accurate translations.

Managing Global Workflow

The Tizen OS is fast-growing as a popular mobile device platform. The purpose of the translation work for was to have the website available to those working on The Tizen Project, whether application developers or platform developers working directly on the OS, in six different languages. The Tizen Project team needed a simple and cost-effective TMS solution that would translate and localize the content on its website.

The Tizen Project

Meeting International Needs

Tizen Project researchers and developers work around the globe and in multiple languages.The Tizen Project website needed to be understood by the team in real-time. A manual translation process could not keep pace with the Tizen Projects large amount of content.

Machine Translation and Post Edit Workflow

The Tizen Project uses the Drupal CMS for its websites. Lingotek works as a component of the Drupal CMS itself, and all translation tasks are executed from within the Drupal workflow. Content is delivered and edited in the Lingotek workbench, which lives in the cloud.

An automatic notification is sent by Lingotek to the translation project manager, informing that the translated content is available for the post-edit translation processes. The project manager then forwards it to a review team that specializes in machine translation. That team takes care of post edits in the specific language as required, completing real-time translation reviews using the Lingotek workbench features. The content is then fully round-tripped back into The Tizen Project’s Drupal site and published to the Web in the new language.

Instant Success

“We were able to reduce project turnaround times in the translation workflow by eliminating the need to execute translation processes manually,” said Michael Shaver, Web Manager - Open Source Technology Center, “We were also able to centralize our translation management process with Lingotek and reduce the translation time with the use of the Lingotek translation memory and machine translation in our workflow.”

The Tizen Project also reduced the translation cost per word by 45 percent by leveraging Lingotek TMS machine translation with post edit features. Lingotek TMS reuses legacy translation with translation memories for efficient and accurate translations. And since Lingotek is a cloud-based platform, The Tizen Project can harness the TMS for free community reviews of translated content.

Finally, the ability to view the translation process in real-time, another benefit of the cloud, ensures rapid collaboration and on-time delivery.

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