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Creating Multilingual Content

Your content is going places

Lingotek makes it easy to deliver your content to new markets by streamlining file preparation for translation. We even integrate directly into your Enterprise Applications so that emailing files around is a thing of the past.

File prep

Lingotek seamlessly pulls in your content and preps it for translation by removing all of the non-translatable elements and breaking the text into bite-size segments to aid the translation process. Once your project is complete, Lingotek exports the translated content as the originating file type with all of the original images, style and formatting still intact.

Content sync

As changes are made to your files Lingotek updates the translations so that only the new and/or modified text gets sent for translation.

Centralized file management

Lingotek stores all of your files and their translations in the cloud so you no longer have to deal with email attachments and FTP servers.

File support

From web content to Office files, Lingotek has got you covered. Click here for our full list of supported file types. Have a file that’s not importing like you expected? Lingotek supports several open standards (SRX, ITS, FPRM) for customizing which text gets imported and how it gets segmented.

CMS Integration

With Lingotek Inside, your CMS becomes the authoritative source for your multilingual content. Create, manage and translate all of your global content right from within your CMS. Because the translations reside in your CMS, they’re always there when you need them. Find out more about Lingotek Inside.


Have a homegrown CMS or some other file repository we don’t already integrate with? Lingotek’s robust and open Multilingual API can be used to automate file transfer between Lingotek’s TMS and wherever your content lives. Click Here to access DevZone.


Content stored in the Lingotek cloud is fully secured and kept private to your organization. Role-based authorization ensures that users only see those data components to which they’ve been granted access.






Choose Your Translators

Translation staffing made simple

Finding the right people to do your translations can be a daunting task, but Lingotek makes staffing both flexible and easy. We have you covered whether you're using an agency, employees, freelancers or a crowd.

Resource allocation

Assign roles to your users to distinguish between translators, reviewers and project managers. Users can also be assigned to teams to help with resource allocation. If crowdsourced translation is your aim, you can allow users to sign up and self-form teams.


Already have an internal team of translators or a translation agency you prefer to use? Just import them into Lingotek, and they can start translating with the industry’s leading online translation workbench. Our online tools make it easy to assign who does what, and then track what they are doing.



Perhaps you’re on a budget and thinking about using bilingual employees, partners and/or users as translators. Lingotek makes it easy to leverage the power of the crowd with collaborative online tools. Our configurable voting system ensures only the best translations get accepted.


Marketplace - Need help finding additional translators? Search our marketplace of more than 5,000+ in-country freelance translators. Once you find the ones you want, Lingotek sends them an invite to work on your project. If they accept, we give them restricted access to work on the job you’ve assigned them. Don’t worry, they’ll show up as ‘freelancers’ in Lingotek so you can still track their progress in real-time, yet easily differentiate them from your in-house team of translators.


Don't have time to manage your translation project? Let us take care of it for you and we'll be sure to leverage the right technology, workflow, linguists and project management practices to minimize time/cost and maximize content reusability. Find out more about Lingotek’s Translation Services.

Vendor Management

Many of our clients are the best in the world at what they do, and we’re giving them the best multilingual content management experience imaginable. Some of these same clients elect to use our technology and their preferred Language Service Providers (LSPs). We have extensive experience in implementing LSPs with our Translation Network; in fact, we’ve completed this exact process for several of our customers. Click Here to Learn More.






Streamline Translation

Translate at the speed of cloud

As pioneers of online collaborative translation, Lingotek provides the industry's most advanced tools for streamlining the translation process. We've been doing SaaS since before it was called SaaS.

Translate in the cloud

Lingotek's translation workbench is the most powerful and easy-to-use online translation editor available today. You have all your resources at your fingertips -- from translation memories, glossary and terminologies to machine translation, formatting and community voting.


Lingotek’s cloud-based file system and online workbench enables linguists to work collaboratively on the same document and the same time. Translators and reviewers see one another’s edits in real-time. Lingotek even provides real-time chat and segment-specific notes for instant collaboration.

Translation Memory

Lingotek’s advanced leveraging technology matches full sentences, phrases and single relevant words to maximize TM data reuse. Matches are prioritized by subject tags, data sources and the percentage overlap with the source text.

Real-time TM leveraging

Because Lingotek is in the cloud, your translation memories are centrally stored and managed, making newly-created TM immediately accessible to other projects and translators. No more emailing TM databases back and forth between translators, or merging disparate TM files after the project has already finished.

Machine Translation

Material that is of indeterminate value or time sensitive can be quickly and inexpensively translated using one of several machine translation engines. Lingotek seamlessly integrates with all of the leading MT providers and can even help train your MT engine to produce more accurate translations that are specific to your industry and fine-tuned for your business.


With glossaries you can maintain consistency across translated texts by ensuring use of approved terms. The Lingotek workbench prompts translators when a term in the source text matches a glossary entry.

Quality control

Lingotek can help ensure high-quality translation through a number of automated quality checks. From spelling and grammar to formatting and glossary adherence, Lingotek reports and tools make it easy to audit the work of your translators.

In-Context Review

Lingotek’s powerful ICR application changes the way companies create and distribute content to a global audience. By immersing translators in a dynamic, visual experience, we’ve brought translation, formatting, and review together in real time, in real view, and in one place.  Click Here to Lean More.







Customize Your Workflow

We take the "work" out of workflow

We've combined our powerful and customizable workflow engine with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Bring us your biggest and baddest project and we'll show you just how fun building workflows can be.

Content value index

Lingotek adapts workflows to fit your content’s translation needs by matching your timeline and budget to the content’s relative value. From machine translation post-editing to professional and everything in between, Lingotek has the right workflow for every content type and budget.


The Lingotek TMS allows for infinitely customizable workflows that meet the needs of the most straightforward to the most complicated of projects. For example, you can use workflow to pre-fill high quality matches from your existing translation memories to save time and money on human translation.

Project creation

You can streamline the creation of new translation projects by including common settings in your workflow. Pre-select languages and resources and pre-assign your translators as part of the workflow definition, then be amazed by how easy it is to create your next project.


Our powerful rules engine allows you to trigger actions throughout the project lifecycle. From notifying a reviewer when a translation is ready for review, to reporting project status to an external system, the Lingotek rules engine brings AI-like capabilities to your workflow.

Continuous translation

Lingotek actively tracks changes made to your content. So when something changes, your pre-selected workflow kicks into action. Notifications get sent and translations start to happen. It’s almost as though the project manages itself.

Real-time publishing

With Lingotek’s workflow engine and CMS integrations, you can publish translations to your website without lifting a finger. As each piece of content completes its workflow, Lingotek can be configured to automatically publish the translation to your website or CMS.


Lingotek uses industry-standard exchange formats for interoperability with third-party translation tools. Furthermore, Lingotek’s open API can be used to leverage the power of Lingotek’s workflow engine wherever your content is stored.







Manage Projects

Put your translation projects on auto-pilot

At Lingotek we believe managing translation projects should be easy, so we went ahead and did that too. Being in the cloud means you have complete and real-time visibility into your translation projects.

Real-time status

The ability to see real-time statistics about the translation projects provides project managers the data to make agile changes to resource allocation. See something that doesn’t look right? Drill-down on the details to see what’s happening.

Dashboards & reports

From historical reports to real-time dashboards, project managers that use Lingotek have a wealth of information at their fingertips for making informed decisions. Need to know how many words translator A did in document B for project C last Friday? We have a report for that. Our reports can also export to Excel or CSV for use in other systems.

Translation reuse

Translation memory (TM) is created from human translations to reduce cost and increase speed and accuracy through reuse of your professional and community translations. Already have TM from your existing LSP or TMS? No problem. Lingotek supports easy upload of your existing TM files.

TM Vault Management

Lingotek allows you to determine where the translation for each document is stored. Multiple Lingotek storage vaults can be added to a translation project for future reference and leveraging.


If you’ve opted for community translation, we have reports that help you see who your star translators are. Our configurable point system allows you to incentivize your volunteer workforce however you see fit. Real-time point tallies on the leaderboard and workbench foster friendly competition among translators motivating them to increase their contributions.

Web content

We provide seamless translation of your web content by integrating directly with several popular content management systems, including Drupal, SharePoint and Oracle WebCenter. We don't hold your data hostage, so you are free to cancel our service at any time and retain all of your translated content. Find out more about Lingotek Inside.

Actionable analytics

Have a tight budget and need help deciding which content to translate and into which languages? Lingotek can help. We provide you with web analytics that show you where your web visitors are coming from and which pages pages they're looking at. Push a button, and we take care of rest.

Client Management

Lingotek’s client portal allows you to provide external and/or in-house customers with self-service tools and reports for requesting, managing, paying for and viewing the progress of translation projects. Clients can upload files, TM, glossaries and supporting materials to receive and approve an instant quote for translation. Project managers can create customized rate charts and workflows to provide auto-generated quotes for their clients' projects. Clients can login to see the real-time status of their translation projects and download their translated files upon completion.




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