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Trimble - Plancal

Our ROI, in my opinion, was achieved almost immediately because of the time savings during review and in deployment time. The Translation Network gave us a live view of the translation and freed up the web team for more important work.

Angelo Katsaros
Web Designer & Front End Developer

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Lingotek Teams Up With Trimble/Plancal


About Trimble/PlancalTrimble/Plancal

Trimble utilizes technology to make field and mobile workers in businesses and government significantly more productive through its Building Information Management products. Its solutions focus on applications requiring position or location metrics, including surveying, construction, agiculture, fleet and asset management, public safety, and mapping.

Acquired in 2012 as part of Trimble’s Building Construction Division, Plancal is the leading 3D CAD/ CAE and Business software solutions provider for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industries in Western Europe.

Plancal has development sites in Germany and Switzerland, as well as regional sales and service organizations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria,France, and the UK.


Plancal is the leading 3D software solutions provider for MEP industries in Western Europe. The Plancal website contains six languages and more than 25,000 words on more than 75 pages. However, only certain products are offered in certain languages, which made the management of the project tedious at best. Part of this challenge was having to plan time and resources to work with the web team--the department responsible for handling translations.

Plancal wanted industry-leading technology that utilized customizable workflow options and allowed them to involve in-house experts or third-party industry experts for translation. Most importantly for Plancal, the solution had to seamlessly integrate with Drupal in order to efficiently import and distribute content.


Lingotek’s Translation Network, and its market-best Drupal connector, has become the multilingual content management hub of choice for Plancal. The Translation Network has provided Plancal with an end-to-end solution to effectively and efficiently translate product content by offering continuous collaboration with its own web team, multiple workflows, in-context review, real-time project progress, and instant publishing inside the Drupal connector.

Benefits Trimble/Plancal

Having access to Lingotek’s Translation Network, Plancal was able to more efficiently produce product content for its individual markets. By having everything from the translations to project monitoring in one interface, Plancal quickly moved through the entire translation project. Angelo Katsaros, who led the project for Plancal, said, “Being able to have all the stakeholders review and make changes in a single glance is a major benefit for us. Secondly, we were able to isolate the product content for localization purposes–another huge benefit. Finally, the intuitive user interface has saved us so much time, especially as we’re able to easily train less tech-savvy people how to use it.

The Translation Network Generates Real-Time Results

As a driving factor, Plancal selected Lingotek because of its deep and seamless integration inside of Drupal. By using the Translation Network, Plancal gained access to continuous and automatic translation and localization workflows and publishing in real time, without ever leaving the Drupal website.

Instant Success

By powering up with Lingotek, Plancal was able to translate its six local websites faster and more accurately than ever before. The ability of the Translation Network to initiate the translation workflow inside Drupal was key to making this happen.

“Our ROI, in my opinion, was achieved almost immediately because of the time savings during review and in deployment time alone,” said Angelo Katsaros, Web Designer & Front End Developer for Trimble. “The Translation Network gave us a live view of the translation and freed up the web team for more important work.”

Next Steps

Trimble plans to rollout the Translation Network to other companies in the Building Construction Division.

About Lingotek

Lingotek’s Translation Network is the only cloud-based solution to connect all your global content in one place, giving you the power to manage your brand worldwide. Our industry-leading technology pairs with the best enterprise applications to continuously push dynamic multilingual content to all of your global markets. Finally. Networked translation.

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