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Website Localization Data Sheet

What We OfferLingotek - Website Localization

Lingotek’s world-class integrations, flexible workflows, and cloud-based translation technology and language services deliver on-brand linguistic and cultural adaptation to ensure that your website localization is a success.  

Lingotek - Inside Connectors integrate with our cloud-based translation management system (TMS)  to give you the continuous translation and agile change management you need to build a consistent, up-to-date, multilingual website. The Translation Network is specifically designed to address the challenges of continuous global publishing and ease the burden of translating and maintaining global websites.

Lingotek integrates with several website content management systems, knowledge bases, marketing automation, system files, integration partner platforms. In addition, the Lingotek Filesystem Connector can support localization in over 35+ different file types.

We support these enterprise applications and more.

Lingotek - Inside Connectors

Lingotek - Inside Connectors

Website Localization Data Sheet

Quality, Speed & Cost-Effective Translation

What more could you ask for from your language service provider?

Scalable & Specialized Translator Network

Need a scalable and specialized network of translators?


Why The Translation Network ?

Some reasons why you should choose the Translation Network for your new multilingual project.


Get realtime visibility and actionable data across all of your translation activities.

250+ Languages

Full-scale translation services in more than 250 languages.


Neighborhood localization by a vast network of 5000+ professional and community linguists who are all native speakers.

Glossary and Style Guides

Translation memories (TM), glossary, and style guide development to ensure consistent use of your terminology.

Quality Assurance

Automated spelling and grammar checks and linguistic quality assurance inside Lingotek’s Workbench provide powerful tools for improving overall translation quality.

Real-Time Collaboration

Real-time chat and segment-specific notes for instant collaboration lets translators and reviewers see each other's edits in real-time.  

Connectors, API

Industry-leading connectors integrate in-context translation and review, design, and desktop publishing inside your enterprise applications.

Real-Time Data & Business Intelligence

Real-time project monitoring and data collection to inform strategic decision making.

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